Andreas Gabalier became a musician after the death of his sister

The music helped Andreas Gabalier (37) deal with the loss of his sister. A few years ago, the singer told about the tragic fate of his family. In 2005, the musician’s father surprisingly took his own life. Just two years later, his sister killed herself because she couldn’t cope with the grief. A heavy blow of fate for the “Amoi seg’ ma us again” interpreter. But how Andrew now betrayed, the death of his sister paved the way for him as a singer.

“Without the death of my little sister, I probably would never have become a musician and would never have made a career”said the 37-year-old in an interview with picture. After the loss of his sister, he devoted himself fully to music, which helped him deal with his grief. “I found such a hold,” recalled the Austrian.

He firmly believes that his sister has been taking care of him since her death and giving him the energy for his career. “This inner drive has made me who I am today”the artist noted.

Andreas Gabalier on "Welcome to Carmen Nebel", September 2019

Frederic Kern/Future Image/ActionPress

Andreas Gabalier on “Welcome to Carmen Nebel”, September 2019
Andreas Gabalier, musician
Andreas Gabalier, hit star

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