Andrea Sestini Hlaváčková: When I finish, I want to be a moderator!

What is it like for you to change dance partners? Today you will actually dance with Jakub for the third time.

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“It was very hectic last Saturday, which I think is the right word to describe my mood before the live broadcast. On the other hand, I danced a waltz, which is not such a difficult dance when we had a demanding choreography. He could be rehearsed like this at the last minute. I’m very proud of what it looked like on TV as a result. “

Didn’t you feel a bit of a disadvantage that Michal didn’t dance with you?

“I think Michal and I would get the exact same rating. I didn’t feel disadvantaged in any way. We danced it beautifully in my opinion, just the whole process was very hectic. “

How much time did you and Jakub have to train the waltz?

“On Thursday evening, we learned that the situation is as it is and that we have to meet with Cuba on Friday afternoon. So instead of rehearsals at the Exhibition Center, we went to training and after the training we just arrived at the Exhibition Center to show it on camera and on Saturday we fine-tuned it. “

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This week, you both knew you were going to dance with Jakub again. Were the trainings easier for you?

“In any case. What I experienced this week was much more challenging ??? than last week. Now Cuba and I have learned everything from scratch. Which is the first time for me, and the hardest dance that exists, and that’s samba. For the first time, I’m afraid it doesn’t have to be nice, I’m afraid it wasn’t easy to learn. “

Did you manage the first and second absence of Michal as well?

“His first quarantine, when Michal was healthy but in quarantine, we lost a week of training. We wouldn’t train every day, but we could still do something. And most importantly, we would train ahead and we would have an overtrained waltz and maybe a samba base. But since we lost the first week and now the next, there is a lack of overtraining. “

So you have to go with Jakub from the very beginning?

“Yes, we went 5 hours a day since last Sunday. It was the same with Michal for hours, but we knew we had a little overtrained, and we could rest for a while. Talking, having lunch, and it wasn’t that intense. “

Five hours a day of intense exercise sounds pretty crazy even for a professional athlete.

“I must say that the juice is running out. Cuba is still a young man, he is six years younger than me and Michal and he has far more energy. He’s really eating. Last time I told him we hadn’t been training like this for three months, and he said, “What? I thought we were still training a little. “

What did you answer him?

“That he’s crazy (laughs). Cuba really won’t even let me sit down. As a result, it all takes more than five hours. Tuesday, for example, was six o’clock. It’s really a massacre, I’ve never trained like this. This week has been a real turning point for me. “

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The whole interview will be read at Sunday’s AHA! (Nov 21, 2021)

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