Andrea San Martín: Father of his daughter Lara denounces that he did not let him take the little girl despite visiting regime

Juan Victor Sanchez, Lara’s ex-partner and father, the youngest daughter of Andrea San Martín, denounced that the model has not allowed her to take her little girl, even though they have signed a visiting regime that empowers him to do so.

“Unfortunately, today, according to a visitation scheme signed last year, I was refused to take my daughter with me, when it was already stipulated that I pick her up “, the cabin extruder wrote in his Instagram Stories.

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The businessman also shared a message to record that the influencer has shielded himself in the legal process that has them faced to make this arbitrary decision and indicated that She wanted to give him the “ease” of entering the apartment to be able to share with the girl, but he did not accept.

“I have not agreed since after more than two years, taking my daughter with me and now wanting to take hold of a ‘result’ taken by his lawyer, but not by the Judiciary, as a pretext to deprive me of my daughter. Now I don’t know when I’ll be able to take my daughter with me ”, he added indignantly.

Juan Víctor also explained: “The last day I picked up my daughter was on Friday the 12th, the gesell camera was on the 8th, and she is just ‘taking action’. According to the other party, I mistreat my daughter psychologically, when I take care of her well-being and that is why I have been fighting ”.

In that sense, he revealed that he has “Filed a complaint for physical abuse against my daughter and for psychological violence against my son and daughter by my daughter’s mother”

He found it regrettable that “Now they are hiding behind what is happening in a trial that is still in progress … I could also take the same action, I could also say that I cannot leave my daughter because of the evidence that I do have of the physical abuse of my daughter and the risk to which she has been subjected, since there is more behind it, but it could not prevent my daughter from being freely with her family ”.

“The corresponding evidence is already in the Prosecutor’s Office and the process will be followed (…) Same pattern again”, culminated in reference to the way in which Andrea San Martín acted when he was confronted with Sebastián Lizarzaburu and did not allow him to see his daughter Mäia.

Andrea San Martín: Father of his daughter Lara denounces that he did not let him take the little girl despite visiting regime. (Photo: Capture)


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