Andrea Pomeja’s mishap: She infested the village with octopus!

Widow after Jiřím Pomeje(†54) has been practicing Thai cuisine for years and has learned to master it very well. But all the time, meat and vegetables were already a little overeaten, so she decided to liven it up with octopus. “I bought a fresh tentacle, found the recipe, but… I have so much work before the end of the year that there was no time to brew and I missed the expiration date by a few days. I naively thought that I would wash it and it would be edible. When I took the octopus out of the package, I almost couldn’t breathe the stench.” she admitted to the newspaper Aha! DJ.

Andrea Pomeje’s confession: She had to say NO to the baby!

She is said to be a good cook!

Even though the spoiled seafood went straight from the shack to the bin, it didn’t end there. “The stench began to spread throughout the neighborhood, and even a neighbor came to see if something was rotting somewhere. Before they took the bin out, it looked like we buried a whole octopus in the garden.” Andrea added with a laugh. “Otherwise, I’m a really good cook, but this didn’t work out. We even have Thai food on Christmas holidays.” there is no secret about the beauty, who was accompanied by a friend to the opening of a new sushi bar near the Charles Bridge Petr Plaček (41).

Andrea Pomeje: Daughter decided not to eat at home!

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