Andrea Kathrin Loewig: "In all friendship"-Star Andrea Kathrin Loewig in private

Andrea Kathrin Loewig
This is how the “In All Friendship” star lives privately

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Andrea Kathrin Loewig has been part of the cast of “In All Friendship” almost from the start. Your role of Dr. Kathrin Globisch is one of the best known in the hospital series. In the GALA interview, she talks about her private life and comments on one of the biggest upsets in the series.

It is one of the most popular hospital series and attracts thousands of viewers in front of the television: “In all friendship”! New episodes are always broadcast on Tuesdays in the first, but old and new episodes are repeated daily in the third ARD television programs, which certainly also contributes to the success of the series. For some time, however, fans have been increasingly confused and a little angry.

The reason is the budding love story between Dr. Kathrin Globisch (Andrea Kathrin Loewig, 56) and Dr. Roland Heilmann (Thomas Rühmann, 67). Many simply cannot get involved with the story that the two suddenly develop feelings for each other after years of platonic friendship and also announce this on social media: “I don’t think Kathrin and Roland as a couple are good at all. They had one with Martin great friendship! It’s all going to be jeopardized”; it says there, for example.

But what does Andrea Kathrin Loewig actually say, who played the role of Dr. Kathrin Globisch has held since 1999, on the latest development and how does the actress live privately? GALA met her for an interview at the award ceremony for “Die Goldenen Bild der Frau” on November 9 in Hamburg.

Andrea Kathrin Loewig on strengths and weaknesses

Ms. Loewig, today we are talking about strong women. In what situations are you a strong woman?

When I can reconcile everything: household, child, husband, dog and job. [Loewig heiratete im Juli 2021 nach sieben Jahren Beziehung den Berliner Architekten Andreas Thiele. Die Hochzeit fand ganz romantisch auf dem Gohliser Schlösschen in Leipzig statt. Ihre 14-jährige Tochter stammt aus einer früheren Beziehung.]

And at what moments do you get weak?

If something doesn’t work. Also, when my daughter calls me crying because the French work isn’t going so well. Or if my husband says ‘I haven’t seen you for a long time’then I also become weak and say: ‘Now I have to change something.’ But it’s great when you have a job and are happy with it and then everyone is healthy.

23 years with “In All Friendship”

For 23 years you have been known as Dr. Kathrin Globisch can be seen on “In All Friendship”. A long time …

Yes, that’s right. On May 31, 1999, I joined “In aller Hoffnung” (In All Friendship). I made a note of the date, I never do that and I think it means something. Soon we will celebrate the 1000th episode.

Thomas Rühmann, Andrea Kathrin Loewig and Bernhard Bettermann on "In All Friendship"

Thomas Rühmann, Andrea Kathrin Loewig and Bernhard Bettermann on “In All Friendship”

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It’s a rarity these days for a TV series to last that long. What do you think accounts for the success of “In All Friendship”?

There was a great cast from the start. In addition, it was only then that the private stories of the doctors and hospital staff were told in a hospital series. ‘In all friendship’ came about at the same time as “Emergency Room”, where I also worked as a voice actress, and at that time such a concept was still very new. I believe that is the recipe for success. Only the doctor stories would be too boring. Viewers want to live with the characters.

Just approaching Dr. Kathrin Globisch and Dr. Roland Heilmann at each other, causing a lot of excitement among the fans. What do you think about it?

It was just the first kiss. Now we have to see what will come of it. At first both are irritated. Just like the viewers. You know the song “A thousand touches…”. It’s supposed to run in the best of families. But I don’t want to tell just yet what will become of it and what this irritating moment does to the two of them.

Will you be celebrating your 25th series anniversary in two years?

Yes, in any case there will be a big party.


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