Andre Tokev announced the sale of the fatal pickup

Andre Tokev announced the sale of the fatal pickup

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14 November 2021, 17:00

Andre Tokev, who last week was caught driving drunk with torn tires and only a white Mercedes pickup truck on the Ring Road in Sofia, has announced the sale of the fatal vehicle. The popular chef has his driver’s license revoked and may go to prison, as the druggist reported 1.7 per mille in his blood, and he is on probation for a similar offense that occurred in 2019 in Varna.The 52-year-old chef spent 72 hours in custody, but was released on BGN 3,000 bail by the court for his good reputation despite protests from prosecutors, who insisted he be kept in custody permanently. A few days ago, Tokev apologized for the scandalous incident on his Facebook account and thanked God that he saved his life and did not harm anyone but himself.“I’m sorry for what happened! Unpleasant situations sometimes happen in the life of each of us. I wish it hadn’t happened, I wish I could go back in time. I apologize to my relatives for what I did to them and thank them for their great support. Every person at least once in his life has been challenged to be ashamed of his actions. There are many reasons for this, but it will not change events. Nowadays, we are all exposed to stress, tension and we risk losing our balance. The dynamics in which we live and the responsibilities we carry with us draw us into a cruel grind “, Andre Tokev repented.People close to the chef revealed to “Weekend”, that the famous chef abused alcohol because of the loss of a loved one who was buried the same day in a great asphyxiation. Out of grief for his relative, Andre Tokev turned over several glasses of hard alcohol, after which he got behind the wheel of his powerful pickup truck.Despite the chef’s drunken outburst, his show “Food Hunters”, which airs on BTV, will continue at least until the New Year. Most episodes of the show have already been filmed. The case for drunk driving against Andre Tokev will start next year, and according to the law, he risks a sentence of 1 to 3 years. A curious detail is that during the detention of Andre Tokev by the police, he refused to give a drug test, and only underwent an alcohol test. According to a Weekend source, all four of the chef’s tires were probably cut, which explains why he drove almost on wheels.





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