André Martinelli talks about exposure on social networks: "I like to have my privacy"

Andre Martinelli participated in the BBB in 2013 and managed to stay in evidence until today. Despite this, he exposes little of his personal life and does not get involved in controversies. The model says this is not on purpose, as he has always been like this. The former No Limite player takes advantage of the internet mainly to show his training and career.

“I’ve always been low profile. I like to have my privacy too. I ended up falling into this field through the BBB, and I saw a business opportunity to be able to work in this area. Today, graduated in Business Administration, I see how much the course helped me to focus on work and select what I would like to show about my life on social networks”, he says.

André says he prefers to stay away from bullshit. He likes to take advantage of the brighter side of social media. “I, in fact, do not get involved in controversies. I am a very calm guy. I make the most of the good side of all this exposure, although, sometimes, some false news comes out”, he completes.

He comments that he has already been advised to get involved in controversies to be more prominent in the media, but he prefers to use the space to influence people positively.

“I’ve heard people saying yes. But the foundation of my career is building a solid image in the long term. I’ve always wanted to position myself well and for my work. I think that’s the most important thing. But with content that adds up and is really healthy few.

But, after all, what would be the secret to staying in the media and being successful on the networks without exposing your love life and getting into fights? Martinelli believes he is delivering quality content.

“I believe that to be successful on the networks, you have to have quality content, updated and that brings information to people. That you help the person in some way. Even with recorded videos, sometimes. After all, we live in a moment that has there are a lot of bad things on the internet, quality content or something that brings joy to people would go down super well”, he concludes.

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