André Marques receives a daring request from a fan and is embarrassed: "What is it?"

André Marques42 years old, interacted with followers on social networks, this Thursday (16/06), when asking for recipes and received a bold request from one of the fans.

On Instagram, the presenter received indications of dishes such as ribs, oxtail and meat. The followers, however, made bold requests and surprised André.

“You stuffed,” said one of them. Embarrassed but good-natured, he replied, “What’s that, miss?! How daring.” He also received another message, noting his “seductive look” and that he would eat an instant noodles prepared by him.

“Thanks for the ‘seductive look’. Even worse, I like to cook for others. My pleasure is serving. At home, almost every day, it’s instant noodles that I make to eat at night. massive stuff,” he said.

This week, the artist amused the social networks by sharing a photo in which he poses with a spoon with one of his dogs.

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