André Luiz Frambach makes the temperature rise in a new photo with Larissa Manoela. Check out!

Larissa Manoela and André Luiz Frambach are physically separated, but united by love and longing. the actress is enjoying vacation in Italy after the end of the recording of “Beyond Illusion”. The actor is still in Brazil, dedicated to “Face and Courage”. On the social networks, André Luiz made a statement to his girlfriend and raised the temperature of his followers’ feed.

This is because, in one of the images, André Luiz and Larissa Manoela appear clinging to a waterfall. In the second, the actress appears with the hand intertwined André’s on the actor’s back.

“Our warmth. Our abode. Our attachment. Our outcrop. My longing only tightens with every passing second! I love you so much”, wrote André Luiz. “I’m already there to kill all this longing. and I love and love everything about us! Our connection”, replied the actress in the comments of the publication.

André Luiz Frambach recalls dating request with Larissa Manoela


André Luiz and Larissa Manoela started dating this year, after a quick affair in September last year. In an interview with “Marie Claire”, the actor recalled how the request for dating was.

“We traveled to Angra dos Reis with our friends and I said I wanted to see the sunrise. So I prepared about 10 letters for her, put them in the hammock and we woke up early. It was on the beach, at dawn. I made it for her. It was very beautiful and made with a lot of love and care. It had to be special because she is too special”, he explained.

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