André Luiz Frambach describes how Larissa Manoela was asked to date and the actress’ reaction

André Luiz Frambach made the romance official with Larissa Manoela and detailed the request for dating the actress, with whom he recently enjoyed a romantic trip. The two met in 2020 while filming the Netflix movie “Airplane Mode”. However, at the time, both were committed. The protagonist of the soap opera “Além da Illusion” was in a relationship with Leo Cidade and André with Rayssa Bratilieri. A few years passed, but the friendship remained.

“I’m very romantic. I joke that I’m old-fashioned and so does Lari. Before we started dating, she used to say: ‘I’m old, huh, aren’t we going to make this official?!?’ As she is going to travel in August with her family, I said that I would only make the request when she returned. But it was a joke because everything was already being planned, “reported André to” Marie Claire “.

“We traveled to Angra dos Reis with our friends and I said I wanted to see the sunrise. So I prepared about 10 letters for her, put them in the hammock and we woke up early. It was on the beach, at dawn. I made it for her. It was very beautiful and made with a lot of love and affection. It had to be special because she is too special”, he said.

Asked about Larissa’s reaction, André said: “I didn’t ask exactly if she wanted to date me. In the letters I wrote a lot about her, about life, about us and I asked other questions. After that, we spent a long time on the net talking about everything. We have a very strong connection”.

André Luiz Frambach and Larissa Manoela give love a new chance


In mid-2021, André Luiz Frambach and Larissa Manoela met again and started dating. “But we saw that it was not the ideal time to live that. We were in different phases. We could not be focused and dedicated to a relationship”, he explained. At the time, they moved away as a couple and the actor lived a lightning relationship with Duda Reis, which lasted just over two months.

More mature and confident than they want, André and Larissa gave love a new chance. The two have been seen frequently at events. “The moment we are living in was the ideal time for us to meet again. Things were happening and we were allowing ourselves”, said the actor, who has been successful with the character Rico – former athlete and surfing champion who turns stunt double – from “Face and Courage”.

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