André Filipe fights a follower on social media: “You must be very frustrated…”

André Filipe participated in the ‘Big Brother – The Revolution’ of TVI and his stay was shrouded in great controversies.

Outside the reality-show, the former competitor found a new love alongside Anuska Marques, sister of the former competitor of ‘Big Brother 2020’ Iury Mellany.

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Anuska Marques shared last Saturday, November 20th, a new photo on her profile and received the following comment: “Get a boy your height”.

André Filipe, the ex-competitor’s current boyfriend, reacted and went to court with his follower: “Poor thing, you must be very frustrated with your husband you can only . I’m going to tell your husband to find a woman of his height. 🤙 Strength there in your life, peace and love”.

“Do you think your behavior at home is normal? Quite frankly? I hope you resolved those attacks. I wish you all the best” – replied the fan of Anuska Marques.

André Filipe answered again and explained: “Very Good 😂 👏 You are talking about a television program, and a subject that is already more than explained . People don’t measure themselves by a television show. I also wish you all the best for your life 🤙”.

“Exactly just for that. Besides, I don’t know him. As you can imagine, people judge by what they see. And that was anything but normal. But I have nothing to do with it either. 🙌” – finished the follower.

Visibly affected by the comment, the former competitor concluded: “If you don’t know me out here, avoid that kind of comments on my girlfriend’s photo. Because I don’t go to your photos to send bitaites about your relationship 🙌”.

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