‘Andor’: Showrunner comments on guest appearance [SPOILER!] in season 2

Featured in ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story‘, the charismatic droid K-2SO (Alan Tudyk) was absent from the first season of ‘Andor‘, spin-off series dedicated to the character of Diego Luna🇧🇷

Those who follow the saga know that K-2SO was an imperial droid, which was stolen by members of the Rebel Alliance and reprogrammed to help them.

As the events of the series are set well before ‘Rogue One‘, it makes sense that the droid was not present.

However, season 2 will take you straight to the events of the film directed by Gareth Edwards in 2016, so K-2SO should be introduced at some point.

During an interview for the colliderthe director and showrunner Tony Gilroy was asked about it, to which he replied:

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“Well, I think that’s one of the responsibilities of Season 2. Obviously, if we’re going to get into the events of ‘Rogue One,’ we have to deal with everything that came before.”

During the press tour of Television Critics Association earlier this year, Gilroy said there are “several reasons” why the droid didn’t appear in the first season.

“I would say, ‘Wait and see.’ It’s a story we can’t wait to tell. It’s hard to carry an Imperial droid with you and not get all the attention. It’s a tough bag. When he does show up, we’re going to do it spectacularly instead of hiding him for an entire season.”

So, are you curious to find out how K-2SO will join Andor?

Remembering that all episodes of the 1st season are now available on Disney+.

Remember the trailer:

The first season will feature 12 episodes, which will be directed by Ben Caron🇧🇷 Susanna White and Toby Haynes🇧🇷

In addition to Diego Lunathe cast has Genevieve O’Reilly🇧🇷 Adria Arjona (‘Squad 6’), Denise Gough (‘Guerrilla’), Stellan Skarsgård (‘Chernobyl’), and Kyle Soller (‘The Titan’). Ewan McGregor may also reprise his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi, while Andy Serkis comes back as Snoke.

O’Reilly will reprise her role as Rebel Alliance leader Mon Mothma, a character she first portrayed in ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith’ (2005) and later in ‘Rogue One‘ (2016).

Nicholas Britell will be responsible for the soundtrack. He is known for numerous highly acclaimed film and television projects. He received two Academy Award nominations for his work on ‘Moonlight: Under the Moonlight’ is at ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’🇧🇷 In addition, he won an Emmy Award for his magnificent score for the acclaimed drama ‘Succession’, where he worked in the first and second seasons. His other credits include ‘The big bet’🇧🇷 ‘Vice’🇧🇷 ‘Cruella’ and ‘Don’t Look Up’🇧🇷

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