Andie MacDowell proud of her gray hair: “I’m happier, at 64 I feel free”

“I was looking at my sister, 18 months older than me, and I thought how much more beautiful she had become by embracing her silver gray coloror. Part of me envied her ”. To speak so it is Andie MacDowellamong the protagonists of the Beautiful Issue from People. The actress was inspired by her sister to decide to get rid of her color: “During the pandemic, like many women, I faced the problem of regrowth. And I loved how the gray matched the face skin and eye color. I realized that I would be happier if I stopped dyeing my hair. And today I can say: I am happier. I really like this look very much, at 64 I feel free. I wanted to live this experience and I did“. A woman who loves herself and who accepts the beauty of the passage of time.

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