Anders Breinholt played a secret football match against Robbie Williams and Kasper Schmeichel: ‘It was humiliating’

Did you know that Anders Breinholt has played football against Kasper Schmeichel and Robbie Williams?

In BT’s new daily World Cup podcast ‘The World Cup window’ tells the popular radio host about the episode back in 2006, when he was employed at the record company EMI.

Robbie Williams was to give two concerts in the Park and wanted to play football as a warm-up, so secretly Anders Breinholt arranged a match between Robbie Williams’ crew and a team of local Danes – including several former FCK profiles.

Robbie Williams knows the Schmeichel family, so Kasper Schmeichel was in the English team, while Anders Breinholt himself started on the bench for the Danish team.

“What I remember best was that I stood on the sidelines and played smart and said, ‘when I come in then…’ says Anders Breinholt with a laugh and recalls that his performance against Robbie Williams and Kasper Schmeichel was not any sporting success.

“Heine Fernandez put it over. When I receive the ball it is so hard in my feet that I could not do anything about it. I was replaced and was only on the field for two and a half minutes. It was really humiliating.’

Watch Anders Breinholt tell the whole anecdote in the video above.

Below you can listen to the first episode of the ‘WC window’ with Anders Breinholt and Malmö star Anders ‘AC’ Christiansen:

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