Anders Agger got divorced – and got back together eight years later: ‘I wish I hadn’t dragged my loved ones through it’

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At a very young age, Anders Agger fell head over heels for the six-year-old Lissa, whom he met when he was working in a kindergarten in Skjern.

The couple got married and expanded the family, which also consisted of Lissa’s two children – now 42-year-old Line and 39-year-old Thomas – with their common son Rasmus, who is now 31 years old.

Since then, the TV host and his wife separated. Divorced, each moved to his own.

But four years ago, they found each other again.

That love journey is told by 57-year-old Anders Agger in the Radio4 program ‘Portrait Album’.

“I have entered the proud Danish tradition, where at one point I have allowed myself to be separated, and then we are back together again,” begins the TV host.

In fact, he doesn’t think the couple would be together today if it wasn’t for the fact that they were away from each other for “eight or nine years”.

“In itself, it is a nice little proof of the fact that we can have so many calculations and so many ideas about how a love relationship is actually built, and who we are in relation to each other, and some sometimes the answers are just something completely different.’

Anders Agger on the west coast near his hometown Ringkøbing. Now he moves an hour and a half across to the east coast of Jutland in Aarhus.
Photo: Mingo Nørager

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Recently, Anders Agger and his girlfriend Lissa have moved from what has been their shared home on two occasions.

They are in fact moving into their new 5.7 million expensive yellowstone house in the Aarhus suburb of Højbjerg, after they sold the red detached house in Ringkøbing earlier this year.

“Lissa said: ‘I had not just seen it eight years ago that we should go and buy a house in Aarhus together,’ and I did not either,” admits Anders Agger.

For he maintains that one cannot make calculations and analyzes on love.

Its paths are unfathomable.

“The one thing is that you perish in your relationship and have to give up everything it entails, and there are often good reasons for doing so. But that does not change the fact that you have such a scoreboard, “says the 57-year-old TV host.

Because even though it seemed clear to him that he and Lissa had to go their separate ways, he was still distraught over the breakup.

“How did you manage to furnish this?” You had three children in your basement, you had a nice life, you have good friends, and yet here we are, and there’s a moving truck out there. It’s simply a gigantic self-goal, and it’s also a feeling of guilt, it’s all possible.’

Anders Agger is a journalist and TV host.

Anders Agger is a journalist and TV host.
Photo: Søren Bidstrup

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But then it could not be otherwise.

“I really wish I hadn’t dragged my loved ones through it, but when we’re standing over here on the other side now, I’m really happy with what I have. Everything else is exactly where I think I should start.’

For he has chosen that he will not strike himself on the head with the broken, unfathomable – and but not least strong – love.

“I’m also arranged in such a way that I don’t spend a lot of time whipping myself like this in advance. But I just think it’s a fine example of the fact that there really are some passages in one’s life where one is sloppy or perhaps forgets to take things seriously,’ says Anders Agger.

“It is not the same as saying that we should then stay together, nor is it the same as saying that all relationships can be resumed eight years later. It’s just a way of saying that there is sometimes such a strong core that it can withstand really, really many things – including the fact that you have been away from each other for many years. “

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