‘And I come to look for you’, the book by Andrea Scanzi that traces the career of Franco Battiato: “Genius and artist, this is my act of love for him”

Francesco Battiatoaka Franco at the suggestion of Giorgio Gaberit was a real one revolutionary in permanent service. She went through very different periods, always looking for new ways to communicate with his music: protest, pop, krautrock, experimental, rock, author, classical, symphonic. It is impossible to enclose it in a single label, just as it is impossible not to be charmed by a multifaceted art that this book makes us fully relive: from the complexity of Egypt before the sands to the solemnity of Like a camel in a gutter, from the avant-garde of Pollution up to the extraordinary phase of spirituality that goes from Physiognomy to Caffè de la Paix, without forgetting the hugely successful songs such as Permanent Gravity Center and White Flag, the painful Poor homeland, the poignant La cura, the prodigious Nevski Prospect or the itself And I come to look for you.

Andrea Scanziwith accuracy and passion, retraces Battiato’s career following every junction, peak and hazard of one of the greatest masters of Italian musicalso making forays into his studies as a linguist and in the field of opera, cinema, painting, religion and meditation. An ironic and multifaceted geniusrestless and multifaceted, able like few others to combine the high and the low. Franco Battiato is a wonderful world. And this book proves it. “Life is almost always an unbearable misfortune, but having been Battiato’s contemporaries was and remains a truly enormous fortune”.

AND I COME TO SEEK Unpredictable flights and very fast ascents by Franco Battiato
by Andrea Scanzi (PaperFirst editions)
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