And here it is! Brzobohatý turned into ore about Písařovicová

Ever since the relationship leaked Brzobohatého a Scribes, Tatiana rages and loads her social networks and media with one bold statement after another. Now he is operating with the thesis that Písařovicová and Brzobohatý have been intimately getting together since time. when Ondřej and Táňa renewed their church vow and allegedly started working on their families as well. But that was obviously the last straw!

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“For a long time, I just gritted my teeth quietly, given the nice thing in our relationship. But I just have enough. Why is Tatiana doing this? I do not understand. The facts are clear: that since August last year, divorce papers have been on the table, I’ve been living alone since September, and neither Daniel nor anyone else has ever been the cause. Crisis, separation, divorce … it’s always a failure of both partners. There are no winners or losers in it. Finding the culprit or playing the victim is as desperate and embarrassing as defending oneself against false accusations … that’s why I’ve been silent for so long. However, Tatiana’s situation exacerbated the situation to a state where I have to speak back. Daniela did not become closer to me, ie to the divorcing and subsequently divorced man, until this year. Whoever wishes us luck, thank you … May time heal all disappointments and injustices, and most importantly, may it be PEACE AND PEACE, “soot exploded in a public statement, which he posted on the social network Instagram.

But Táňa did not leave such an accusation unanswered! “I insist on everything I said. Ondrej is lying, “ she said clearly, according to Lightning Kuchařová. It is clear that he definitely does not want to back down. Who is right in the final is hard to judge. But Táňa already has a solid base of followers who believe in her version.

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