Ancona, the nurse arrested for false green passes: “Yesterday I was crying, now I’m buying my house”. Sweets, sex and lunches in exchange for fake doses

“I did not think that in a year I could buy me a house. Until yesterday I was crying to pay one hundred euros”. Emanuele Luchetti, 51, gloated as he thought of the increasingly substantial nest egg accumulated thanks to the system he had set up. Intercepted by the mobile squad of Ancona, the nurse ended up in prison for having thrown away dozens of doses of the vaccine to get the green passes to as many “no vax” with fake injections he talked a lot. He was the key man of the criminal mechanism created together with a well-known lawyer from the Ancona forum, a building contractor, a restaurateur and a bartender, all placed under house arrest by the investigating judge. From 3 to 30 December, the period in which he was heard by the police, Luchetti saw his booty grow rapidly, with blows of hundreds of euros pocketed every day. To the point of letting himself go on the phone: “If it goes on like this I buy it already at the end of the year (home, ed) “Confides to a manager of the regional health care (Ars), ended up among the suspects, who replies:” Things change, my dear “. And she tickles him: “Now you have inside the box ten thousand eurosround, round, I told you. Give me the money as well, now I too can draw from the box, you have twenty thousand euros on the other side “showing contempt for those who have decided to fake vaccination: “All these people who got the vaccine yourself, they have a very high risk. C … them, because then the risk is there, it is very high, now it spins a lot … “.

The maximum gain it is obviously the motive of Luchetti, who comes to terms with: “Oh well, but I am a lot of time here I also field of those I did in the past months, of the Covid that I was taking, I was earning a lot. In addition to the lawyer’s money, they owe me the money for the swabs and vaccines ”. “The lawyer” is the intermediary between the nurse and his clients, Gabriele Galeazzi, a well-known Ancona lawyer. “He doesn’t make money, he doesn’t ask for it, he does it for be credited to its customers, to acquire greater prestige ”, explains Luchetti a Carlo Miglietta, the doctor of the vaccination center who had the organization exposed. But who are these customers? An example: “A couple sent by an engineer from Fabriano through the lawyer: for them 500 euros each“. A nice ride, made up of high-profile professionals, luxury cars and promises of excellent takings: “These are people with money, people who pay which is not the micragnoso. If we have to do something, let’s do it at a high level. When magni you laugh”Confides the nurse arrested in Miglietta. The discovery of the fraud dates back to December, when the “doctor-detective” notices groups of people addressed to the vaccination station managed by Luchetti: “They are all people I follow at the CSM (Center for Mental Health, the Asul service where he works the nurse, ed.), patients with mental disorders “. Instead of denouncing him immediately, however, he prefers to play along, pretending to want to join the criminal association: “I want to eat too”. On 3 December he goes to the Police Headquarters, report what happened, delivers the first collection and initiates the investigation carried out by Mobile.

In fact, the tariff has its importance, but it is applied in a manner personalized. Luchetti starts with low sums, 50 euros, and then arrives – in fact – at a maximum of 500. But there are also the administrations free to some acquaintances, that to a pastry chef friend in exchange for two trays of sweets, and so on. A percentage, according to what was collected by the investigators, was reserved for a restaurateur in Civitanova Marche, Daniele Mecozzi, another of the intermediaries: “He takes 50 euros a shot … his restaurant is a pricy place, I go there in the summer, there is a swimming pool, paddle courts … now we go there together, a dinner, a barbecue”. It is Mecozzi who organizes real “journeys of hope”, even by means of minibuses, to take its customers to get vaccinated by Luchetti, to the hub of the Paolinelli sports center in Ancona. And in the dozens of pages of wiretapping there is no shortage tales of sexual performance in exchange for the fake dose, including anatomical comments and a reference to an episode involving even a woman with cancer.

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