Analyst is looking for answers about Belgian defense: "I would have left Debast at home"

The defense is the Belgian problem child. The 19-year-old Debast gets plenty of opportunities from the national coach at the back.

Analyst Eddy Snelders still has some questions and goes into the podcast The stand looking for answers. For example, when asked why Debast played so often in the most recent international matches. “Of course he is still young and you have to give those chances, but I don’t know if Martínez is doing well to try that all the time. The problems are always around Debast and you can’t make mistakes at a World Cup.”

In theory, an alternative is Leander Dendoncker, but he is not yet available for the national team. “What happened to Dendoncker? He played well in that position in the Nations League, but then disappeared from the scene and didn’t have a chance. What belief is there – or isn’t there – in Dendoncker to take that position? to fill? We don’t know yet.”

The last matches suggest that Martínez will also choose Debast in the group stage at the World Cup. “I do not agree with that. I would even have left Debast at home. He has qualities, but do you have to bring him so quickly? You are not yet certain at the back”, Snelders concludes.

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