Ana Paula Siebert speaks out about a photo of Roberto Justus with women

Ana Paula Siebert and Roberto Justus are enjoying their vacation in the United States. On social media, the couple is sharing some details of activities in family and individuals. One of these caught the attention of the businessman’s followers, who went to ask the model about her husband’s publication.

In one of Roberto Justus’ most recent publications, the businessman appears on a tennis court next to two women. In the comments, the Justus’ followers questioned Ana Paula’s absence. This wouldn’t be the first time netizens have hinted at a possible crisis in Justus and Siebert’s marriage.

+ Ana Paula Siebert reveals if she will abandon her profession at the request of Roberto Justus.

Ana Paula Siebert explains why she didn’t like her husband’s photo with women

Other followers went further: they went to Ana Paula’s Instagram, in a box of questions asked by the model, and asked what she thought of her husband’s photo “with two blondes” and why she didn’t like the publication.

“It started with a silly question here. They’re not two blondes. They’re two blondes, but I found the way to say it kind of… they’re two wonderful tennis professionals who work here in Miami and play with him when he’s here”, he began replying. Ana Paula, who has already said that she and her husband have a “free” relationship.

+ Ana Paula Siebert doesn’t run away from the lane and reveals if she’s afraid of getting changed.

“I was the one who treated the photo for him to post with a filter and a more beautiful color. I was the one who helped to look for their profile and start following his profile. In other words, I am supporting my husband. I think they are wonderful. they’ve been playing with him for a few years. I didn’t enjoy it because I went there and did all that, I didn’t remember to enter my profile to go there and enjoy it”, he concluded.

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