Ana Paula Siebert responds to criticism for a photo of Roberto Justus with ‘blondes’: "meaningless judgment"

Ana Paula Siebert, 34, spoke on her Instagram about not liking the photo of Roberto Justus, 67, on a tennis court with two professionals. The statement came after the model was asked by a follower about not reacting to the photo of her husband “with two blondes”.

“It started with a silly question here. They’re not two blondes. They’re two blondes, but I found the way to say it kind of… they’re two wonderful tennis professionals who work here in Miami and play with him when he’s here”, he began.

Ana also captioned the video with the phrase “senseless judgment” and explained why she did not engage in the businessman’s post. “I was the one who treated the photo for him to post with a filter and a more beautiful color. I was the one who helped to look for their profile and start following his profile. In other words, I am supporting my husband. I think they are wonderful. they’ve been playing with him for a few years. I didn’t enjoy it because I went there and did all that, I didn’t remember to enter my profile to go there and enjoy it”, he concludes.

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