Ana Paula Siebert adds BRL 23 thousand in cart and daughter’s bag to travel

Ana Paula Siebert flaunted luxury on social media when traveling to Miami with her husband, Roberto Justus, and the daughter Vicky, 1 year and 6 months.

Ana Paula shared some records before and after arriving in the United States, in addition to showing that she was waiting at the airport, surrounded by more than 10 suitcases. In the stories on her Instagram, she joked: “Everything calm and with little suitcase.”

In the photo, Vicky appears sitting on a cart, by the Italian brand Fendi, valued at almost R$20,000, in addition to a trading bag, which costs around R$3,000.

On the plane, the model showed Roberto watching videos with Vicky: “My world”, she melted.

During a trip to the Bahamas, Ana Paula dressed her daughter in a children’s combination from the French brand Dior. The dress cost around R$ 2,800, in addition to an accessory that costs around R$ 2,600, which can be purchased on the brand’s official website.

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