Ana Maria Braga surprises journalists by giving them food on a special visit

During the program “More you” of this Friday (07/01) the presenter Ana Maria Braga surprised viewers and her team by having an unexpected attitude, even knowing that the blonde is always up to no good. She was delighted with the recipe of a bakery and, even sending a reporter to the professional to learn how to make the recipe, not satisfied, she shocked her colleagues at the Good morning São Paulo” when sending the candy to the newspaper’s studios.

the reporter Matthew Light was invited to follow the entire process of the candy, which ended up leaving the presenter speechless. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the production of Mais Você decided to send the journalist to meet the baker Ana Ayroza and stay there until the sweet process, which would be a homemade churro marshmallow, was ready. Which takes about ten hours.

“Does it have to wait or can I start right away? Guys, I’ve been waiting for more than ten hours for this thing to be ready… So, while she prepares the next ones, I’m going to advance my side here, because I really need to experiment”, said Mateus.

As soon as the report came to an end, Ana Maria decided to surprise her fellow journalists: “As I had already tasted and liked it, we decided to do a taste test with two people here at Globo who love to taste things we order and that we do it here. So, Mateus took the elevator here at Globo and went up to the glass studio there,” said the presenter.

Rodrigo Bocardi e Tiago Scheuer they did not fail to show surprise when they saw the Mais Você reporter in the TV news studios. “Wow! We already liked it! When we see it’s ‘Mais Você’ in that mask, we like it. There’s still this basket… ‘Mais Você’ is always very welcome”, said the anchor of the news program “Bom Dia São Paul”.

When tasting the candy, Bocardi commented: “It’s approved, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to do another test.” The presenter of the daily program wasted no time and immediately sent a message to her colleague: “Rodrigo, you’re smart, aren’t you? We know each other, but you’re smart. But let it go, because whenever we need to test the quality and taste, you will be invited”, he joked.

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