Ana Hickmann comments when her husband was diagnosed with cancer: "knew before him"

During an interview with the presenter Celso Zucatelli, for podcast “Link PodCast“, the presenter Ana Hickmann recalled the battle that her husband, the businessman Alexandre Correa, faced after being diagnosed with cancer in his neck last year.

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Ana still comments on the moment when Alexandre barely resisted the disease. She, who has been married to the businessman for 25 years, said that she hid from her husband that she already knew about the possibility of the diagnosis.

“I already knew about the suspicion and he didn’t. I held it for about 10 days until I was sure. It was a rollercoaster, crazy. Two weeks and then the result. Well, the ground opened up”, commented the presenter during the interview.

At the end of last year, Alexandre Corrêa discovered a tumor in the region of his neck, losing more than 18 kg during treatment. He commented to his social media followers that the cancer was metastasizing “between the jaw and the base of the skull” and that it had spread to a nearby lymph node. The businessman underwent surgery to remove the tumors and also underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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