Ana Furtado posts a photo of her 15-year-old daughter and the resemblance to Boninho draws attention

Ana Furtado tends to be quite reserved in relation to her children’s lives on social networks, preferring to share moments with her husband, the director of Globo Boninho.

This Monday (11/14), however, she decided to show the moment when her 15-year-old daughter, Isabellatries on a luxury dress by the Alexander McQueen brand, which Ana belongs to.

Ana Furtado posted a series of photos of her daughter, where the teenager appears in the black dress she borrowed from her mother and caught the attention of her followers due to her resemblance to Boninho.

“When your daughter starts ‘borrowing’ clothes from your wardrobe. Yep, I already know I’ll never see that dress in my closet again! I lost my Alexander McQueen forever. But I lost happily, with pleasure! I love you, my love ”, wrote Ana in the caption of the publication, made on Instagram.

The public’s shock was visible in the comments area. “Time passes very quickly, she is huge”, said an internet user. “Father’s face! It’s growing too much,” said another. “She is a mixture of you and Boninho, but now she looks more like him”, noted a third.

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