An original gift for Eduard Bass: This is Kuříkovic Eleven

There are 123 people named Kuřík in the Czech Republic, the vast majority of whom come from the Jilemnice area. Thanks to this, an idea arose that has no analogues in the Czech Republic. “Martin Kuřík, the coach and administrator of our complex, came with it. He has been wearing it in his head since the winter, “said Petr Junek, the club’s secretary in Studenec. The idea was not translated into reality until the last round of the Semilska district competition. The basic line-up, consisting exclusively of the Kuřík family, ran to the green side in Studenec. “Everyone is related. These are the descendants of Josef Kuřík, who had 11 children, and Alois Kuřík, the father of 6 children, “Petr Junek explained, adding that the implementation team was also a complete family. Zuzana Kuříková was the main organizer, the coach was Jan Kuřík and the team leader Pavel Kuřík. Although Béčko Studence practically does not play in this composition at other times, he managed to win 2: 1 against TJ Sokol Kruh. “I was afraid of some debacle, but it was useless. The opponent also praised us, “laughed Petr Junek.

What is Klapzub’s Eleven?

A humorous novel with the subtitle A Tale for Young and Old Boys, written by Eduard Bass with illustrations by Josef Čapek. It was first published in 1922 by František Borový. The main characters are members of the Klapzub family from Dolní Bukviček u Kořimě, who form the complete SK Klabzubova jedenáctka football team. The story was filmed twice and became the subject of several plays.

There are also substitutes from the family

In the match, two other players jumped into the game – Václav Drbohlav and Jakub Šimáček. “The mother of each of them is also called Kuříková,” explains Petr Junek, adding that other players named Kuřík could have entered the match. “Petr, who in the end could not arrive from Magdeburg, and also Michal, who was not released by his employer.” Petr Junek added so as not to injure himself.

He started at the age of 73!

Several generations took part in the match. The oldest player, long-time chairman and captain Vít Kuřík celebrated his 73rd birthday on June 9. The twenty-year-old František was twenty years old. “Some are active players, others have played in the past. Only 22-year-old Lukáš, who played his first match, had a new registration, “said Petr Junek, adding that even the oldest player of the team managed the match comfortably. “He is very active, he plays tennis twice a week,” laughed Petr Junek.

There is also an Olympian in the family

The family has sports in its blood. In the past, for example, triathletes Robert and Broněk Kuřík played football in Studenec. The latter is the father of the queen of the Czech triathlon, the Olympian Petra Kuříková (30). However, neither of them entered the match this time.

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