An illumination at 70,000 euros in the center of the Schuman roundabout: “Wasted money”

A few days before the opening of Les Plaisirs d’hiver, the leader of the MR group at the municipal council of the City of Brussels, David Weytsman, denounced the expenditure of nearly 70,000 euros to which the college agreed for an illumination, during thirty days, in the center of the Schuman roundabout, on the occasion of the previous edition.

Entitled “Sky Castle”, this interactive light work cost the people of Brussels 68,000 euros, he told the Belga agency on Wednesday. For David Weytsman, it does not pass: “We can no longer accept that citizens’ money is wasted when we have been in crisis for 2 years”, he commented.

According to the municipal councillor, the alderman in charge of Economic Affairs, Fabian Maingain (DéFI), justified the expense by the installation of the work, its maintenance and a 24-hour security service in a district where he wanted to maintain a dynamic commercial.

For David Weytsman, also a regional deputy, “this expense is totally unjustified in view of the work finally proposed in the district… With 70,000 euros, we could have done much more for the district and to support the merchants” as much as the work attracted only 3,000 visitors according to him.

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