An ice rink in Mettet, in the midst of an energy crisis: “We can’t please everyone”

While cities like Wavre or Jodoigne, in Walloon Brabant, have chosen to give up an ice rink this year, this will not be the case in Mettet. But at a time of climate issues and even more so of soaring energy prices, the presence of an ice rink as an energy-intensive entertainment goes badly.

▶▶ Voices are raised among local elected officials who heard the news. Thus for the adviser Isabelle Doneux (Rops), “it is a very bad signal for the environment”.

▶▶ “Of course, this initiative may not please everyone, but we also have good feedback”, defends the president of the organizing non-profit organization, Stuart Marchal.

▶▶ At Ciney, a similar controversy arose.

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