An Extraordinary Lawyer: Is Park Eun-bin autistic in real life?

An Extraordinary Lawyer is, without a doubt, one of the most popular k-dramas on Netflix. Much of this success is due to the charisma of Park Eun-bin, the interpreter of the protagonist Woo Young-woo. Given the naturalness of the actress, the public wants to know: is she part of the autistic spectrum in real life?

“Newly hired by a major law firm, a bright young woman on the autism spectrum faces challenges in and out of court,” states the official synopsis of Lawyer Extraordinary on Netflix.

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With episodes released every week, An Extraordinary Lawyer, from time to time, guarantees Number 1 in the Top 10 of streaming.

We reveal below whether Park Eun-bin, the protagonist of Lawyer Extraordinary, is autistic in real life; check out.

Is Park Eun-bin from An Extraordinary Lawyer on the Autistic Spectrum?

On Netflix, the k-drama An Extraordinary Lawyer is also successful for its approach to autism.

One of the great assets of the South Korean production is the performance of Park Eun-Bin, who gives a show of acting as the protagonist Woo Young-woo.

Contrary to what many fans think, actress Park Eun-bin is not autistic in real life. In a recent interview, the star discussed the challenges of playing such a unique character.

“I was very cautious, and I was afraid of causing some prejudice. I always thought, ‘Can I really act like this?’ There, I found the answer. Instead of thinking about acting, what I needed was to understand my feelings”, commented the actress.

During the chat with ENA – the South Korean broadcaster that airs An Extraordinary Lawyer – Eun-bin also claimed to have “added her own sincerity to Young-woo’s honesty”.

In addition, to get the characterization of the protagonist right, Park Eun-bin sought help from autism spectrum experts.

“I met with a teacher to ask for advice about autism and to learn the general characteristics of autistic people. The result of my studies is the Woo Young-woo that you can see in the series,” explained the actress.

Park Eun-bin’s research seems to have been successful. After all, the actress received numerous accolades for her performance in Lawyer Extraordinary.

As we mentioned earlier, An Extraordinary Lawyer opts for the weekly episode release model on Netflix.

In all, the first season of the k-drama has 16 episodes. All of them are already available in the Brazilian Netflix catalogue. That is: it’s time to marathon!

Plus, Lawyer Extraordinary fans can rejoice: the series has already been renewed for a second year.

According to Lee Sang Baek, the president of AStory – the production company of An Extraordinary Lawyer – Season 2 will have 10 episodes, and is expected to premiere in mid-2024.

In the meantime, you can check out all episodes of Season 1 of Lawyer Extraordinary at Netflix🇧🇷

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