"An enrichment": Katharina Eisenblut gives baby update

Katharina Eisenblut (28) is enjoying her new life as a mom to the fullest. A few weeks ago, the former DSDS candidate gave birth to her first child. Shortly after the birth of son Emilio, TV fame contacted her fans and revealed that she was already suffering from a lack of sleep. Has that changed in the meantime? Well there Catherine another baby update to her followers.

“We are content and happy. Baby slept very, very little yesterday, so we were a bit lacking in sleep.”said the 28-year-old in her Instagram-Story. But despite the lack of sleep, she enjoys being a mom. “It’s really great. So we laugh a lot with the baby and it’s an enrichment,” emphasized the singer.

The brunette also revealed that she can hardly rest at the moment. “There is little time for me between breastfeeding and changing Emilio’s diaper. Showering has become a luxury.”reported Catherine. But that doesn’t seem to bother the new mom too much. “It’s so great to be a mom,” she gushed.

Instagram / katharina_eisenblut_official

Katharina Eisenblut, former DSDS candidate

Instagram / katharina_eisenblut_official

Katharina Eisenblut, DSDS candidate 2021

Instagram / katharina_eisenblut_official

Catherine Eisenblut in April 2022

Do you think Katharina will give her fans a glimpse of her baby soon?

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