An anti-OM arbitration, Marseille brings out the Mbappé case!

Deprived of Leonardo Balerdi in the 29th minute of play against Strasbourg, OM settled for a draw (2-2) against Strasbourg. On the side of the Marseille club, we are beginning to seriously wonder if certain Ligue 1 referees do not want to interfere in the race for the podium.

Matches and disappointments follow one another at the Vélodrome for Marseille supporters, who have just seen Nice, PSG, Annecy and Strasbourg in turn deprive Igor Tudor’s team of a victory in their stadium. Sunday night is Jean-Eudes Aholou who turned into the executioner of Olympique de Marseille, the Alsatian player air-conditioning the Vélodrome in the space of two minutes. But on the side of OM, it is estimated that the dice were loaded, and that since the expulsion of poor Leonardo Balerdi, decidedly in all the bad moves. Everyone is free to get an idea of ​​​​the decision of the referee of the match, but for Igor Tudor it is clear, Jérémie Pignard has seriously planted himself. And this is not unusual.

Tudor furious with the OM-Strasbourg referee

At the microphone of the Ligue 1 broadcaster, the Croatian coach of Olympique de Marseille expressed his anger and his fed up with contrary decisions. ” After our red card, it was difficult for us. For me, there was no red card. Balerdi touched the Strasbourg player, he didn’t push him. Good referees see this difference, but this was not the case (…) The referee made a mistake, because he did not understand the difference that I experienced as a player , between just being touched and really being pushed. With the penalty not whistled against Alexis Sanchez in Rennes, that makes two injustices that we have suffered in the last two meetings. complained an Igor Tudor, who isn’t one to cry every week over referee decisions, but is clearly annoyed given how important each game is in the race for a League of Nations spot. champions.

And if the Marseille coach was angry, it’s nothing compared to some supporters, who had already been white-hot the day before by the non-expulsion of Kylian Mbappé against Stade Brestois. PSG advantaged and OM targeted, it was enough to blow up the pressure cooker and the idea of ​​​​a plot that would target Olympique de Marseille, even if it was not Mbappé who scored Strasbourg’s two goals. ” We play badly, but Pignard takes us on again. The L1 Qatar version is more and more gangrenous, and this, in full view, and no one cares “, first launched @VelodromeAdaire, which opened the ball of criticism. And he was not the only one to draw a parallel with what had happened the day before near Brest. “ Honestly, we will have to carry out a pure and hard investigation against these referees and this sea LFP. There is something going on against OM, it is not possible. How can you put red on that and not for Mbappé on Saturday?? “, packs his side Mat.2.Mars. However, all is not all black on the Marseille side, because some fans are delighted to know that Balerdi will be suspended for at least one match, the Argentine defender clearly having some problems, the elimination of OM in the Coupe de France against Annecy not having been digested.

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