An actor from "Zuleyha" abandoned fiction: the reasons

“Züleyha” is one of the Turkish novels that caught the viewers the mosts. Nevertheless, there are actors who decided to step aside from the successful daily strip as is the case of Kerem Alisikthe artist who plays Fekeli.

The actor’s character had a tragic end and was killed. This event occurred when the trip he made to Isparta to find out who the man he knew as mehmed kara. After admitting that he had been deceived, they murdered him.

After his departure from “Züleyha”, Kerem Alisik He dedicated a few words to the fans of the novel and the person he played for several months. “Ah, Ali Rahmet Fekeli… I don’t know how to say goodbye to you. Will you forgive me this time…?”he wrote in the post.

And I add: “Because saying goodbye is more than a goodbye… It’s like moving out of the house where a person spent their childhood… Goodbye Fekeli… meeting you made me live the best years of my life… But you know, good years go by fast, we always say goodbye to our country”.

Kerem Alisik performing in “Züleyha”.

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