An absolute temperature record “all months combined” broken in France: thunderstorms and strong electrical activity expected this evening

Biarritz thus reached 41 degrees on Saturday at 3 p.m., according to Météo France, beating a previous record of 40.6ºC on August 4, 2003, before the temperature continued to climb in the afternoon, reaching 42.9ºC at 4 p.m. specified Météo-France.

At 3:00 p.m., Météo France recorded 42ºC in the neighboring town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, 41ºC in Arcachon, 40ºC in Bordeaux, 39ºC in Angers, Auch, Auxerre, Châteauroux, Niort, Mont de Marsan.

In general, on Saturday afternoon, “the heat is still increasing from the west of the Pyrenees towards the north-east of the country”, with in general “between 37 and 41ºC in Aquitaine, Poitou-Charentes, Center -Val-de-Loire, western Burgundy and Ile-de-France” and neighboring peaks of 42º/43ºC “measured locally in southern Aquitaine”.

“Elsewhere, in the Grand-Est, the Lyon region, Auvergne, the Rhône valley and a good part of Occitania, the maximum temperatures reach 35 to 39ºC”, added Météo France, in this bulletin.

“During the night from Saturday to Sunday, the temperatures will drop slowly, the minimums will be around 20 to 25ºC in many regions”, according to Météo-France, which indicates that Sunday afternoon, “the strongest heat will shift to the east”, with 34 to 38 degrees in the northeast of the country.

In addition, occasional thunderstorms are expected from Saturday evening and during the night on the western facade, “starting in the South-West and going up towards Normandy”, some of these thunderstorms possibly “proving to be quite strong, accompanied by a few gusts of wind and above all strong electrical activity”, the beginnings “of a rainy-stormy degradation, more frank and more organized”, expected for Sunday evening.

“The heat wave will gradually decrease, to no longer concern only the eastern flank of the country”, concludes Météo-France.

The list of departments in red vigilance remained unchanged, with 11 departments. Ain has been added to the list of territories in orange vigilance, now counting 59 departments in total.

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