An 18-year-old babysitter from Liège prosecuted for the death of Alyah, 16 months old: “At each hearing, she has an excuse not to come”

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Alyah’s babysitter was to appear this Friday before the Liège correctional court for assault and battery leading to death without intention of giving her, but she is hospitalized. Pending his questioning by the court, a forensic expert was heard as a witness.

Since the death of their daughter, Alyah’s parents have been going through “hell”. “At each hearing, at each stage of the legal file, she has an excuse not to come and escape her responsibilities,” she regrets.

►Alyah’s mother explains that the babysitter often babysat her daughters: “She said she was used to it, I was confident”.

►That night in December, the mother noticed that the babysitter had tried to contact her: “I called her back, she told me that the little one was not well”.

►The babysitter then called the ambulance. The parents went directly to the hospital: “We saw the police coming. We were told that she was dead ”.

►The child had already died when the Smur arrived on site. Alyah had bruises on her right cheek: the babysitter explained that she shook the baby when she saw that he was not well.

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