Amira Pocher: "I’m the helicopter mom type"

Amira Pocher is building her own TV career. Because she loves the world of celebrities as much as she loves family life with Olli and the two little boys.

Somebody is igniting the career turbo right now! As a sidekick of her husband Oliver Pocher, 43, Amira Pocher, 29, came into the limelight for the first time less than two years ago. In the RTL show “Pocher – Dangerous Honest”, the couple humorously targeted celebrities. And Amira’s debut was well received. So good that it is already adopting its second format at Vox.

Amira Pocher chats about her family life in the GALA interview

After “The Super Twins”, the native Austrian will host the VIP magazine “Prominent” from January 9th. She has known the world of stars well since her time as a model and make-up artist. In the GALA interview, Amira tells which Hollywood star she still raves today, how she copes with sleep deprivation as the mother of two little boys – and what tasks her husband Olli always takes on at home.

GALA: How did you prepare for your new show?

Amira Pocher: Mainly with moderation coaching. Presenting news is different from moderating the late night show with my husband, for example. But I know the subject well. I have even got to know some of the celebrities we report on personally.

If you or your husband should get into the headlines anytime soon – will you be reporting about it too?

Then my colleague Laura Dahm takes over and we take turns. And besides, I’ve become much more serious. (laughs)

Can your husband give you tips for the show?

Yes. But he doesn’t do that much. All he really says is: “Take it easy and just be who you are, then it’ll work.”

I still rave about Leo DiCaprio today

Did you have celebrity posters in your teenage room before?

No, I’ve never had it with posters and newspaper article clippings. But in the “Titanic” times I raved about Leonardo DiCaprio. Then I thought: Wow, what a great man!

Who is your favorite star today?

Bastian Pastewka is great. And I like Bully Herbig a lot. I also think Guido Maria Kretschmar is great, he’s also really funny.

And international?

Still Leo DiCaprio. (laughs) But also the comedian Ricky Gervais, who reminds me a bit of my husband in his way.

Amira and Oliver Pocher have been married since 2019, their sons are one and two years old. The couple is also successful professionally – sometimes together, sometimes individually.

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You yourself are a sought-after guest at events. How much do you like walking the red carpet?

Because of the birth of the children and because there have been few red carpet appearances recently, I hardly had a chance. But I definitely feel like walking the red carpet again soon.

As a trained make-up artist, do you ever flinch when you see how some come out of the mask?

I have to say that the makeup artists I work with now are so much more experienced than I am in the profession. I never reached that level.

Is there a no-go for make-up for you?

Yeah, too much powder in my eyebrows. I’d rather have them more natural.

Your youngest son has just turned one year old, his brother is two – you are sure to often lack sleep. How do you make it through the day anyway?

At home, I’m known for yawning and tired all the time. But it’s crazy what the female body can do. At first you think: I will never make the day. And suddenly you have an energy rush.

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Does your husband get up at night when the children call?

Yes, he can calm the big guy down quite well. But the little one is an absolute mummy-child and can only be comforted by me. He even feels the faces to find out if it’s really me. Otherwise he will keep crying.

Now you are shooting for “Prominent” in addition to your podcast. How do you and your husband take care of your sons?

My husband is the walking pro, he goes out a lot with the kids. Then I can get things done. And when we both work, I have my best friend who helps me as a babysitter. Unfortunately, grandma and grandpa don’t live around the corner from us. I’m more of the helicopter mother type and don’t like to give my children away to strangers. That’s why my girlfriend is the jackpot for me.

Do you dream of more children?

Well, I think first a child has to sleep all the way through. And that’s what we’re practicing now. When the two are out of the woods, we’ll look further.


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