Amira + Oliver Pocher: Amira and Oliver Pocher reveal details about the beginning of their relationship

Amira + Oliver Pocher
That was really how it was at the beginning of their relationship

Amira and Oliver Pocher

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It is well known that the love story of Amira and Oliver Pocher began on Tinder. But now the couple is revealing more exciting details about the beginnings of their relationship.

Amira Pocher, 30, met her husband and father of their two children, Oliver Pocher, 44, through the Tinder dating platform. However, the Austrian was warned by her friend about the comedian, as she recently revealed on the ARD talk show “3nach9”. “She started sending me articles like, ‘Oh, he did this and that – look here. Amira, watch out!'” she said. But Amira wanted to get to know Olli at all costs – and in a completely neutral way. To date, she has not googled him once.

Oliver Pocher: “Not in the mood” for something serious

In the joint podcast “The Pochers here!” Amira reveals that she made it clear to Oliver pretty quickly that she was looking for something serious. But that was out of the question for the entertainer. He was “not in the mood” for it and if she wanted children, she could “go right away”, he would have let her know. The model was not deterred by this and remained persistent. “I’ll get it,” Amira said.

Amira Pocher was annoyed by her rivals

But she did not count on all the contenders who showed interest in her chosen one. The podcaster remembers: “When we met and you started taking me with you, there were always girls there.” They would have talked to the comedian then. “You also have to say that you were a bit more of a womanizer,” says Amira. “You don’t get hit on that often anymore,” the 30-year-old sums up.

Oliver disputes Amira’s view of things. “What does ‘a little more’ mean? That’s not true. So you tell me…”, he reproaches. But his lover sticks to her opinion. “Yes,” she replies, adding the reason why the girls were apparently queuing: Oliver had “10 pounds less” and was “6 years younger”.

Oliver Pocher kept his love for Amira a secret for so long

Oliver and Amira have been a couple since 2016, but the comedian kept his loved one out of the public eye for a long time. “We met secretly for almost two and a half to three years and then we decided that we would do it with the public – it’s silly at ten meters apart,” he revealed in the World Cup podcast entitled “#1 kick-off”. So Amira had enough time to take a close look at the life of her future husband. Today the couple is married and has two sons together.

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