Amid rumors of affair, Mariana Rios tells if she caught someone on a trip and praises João Guilherme

Mariana Rios’ love life remains in the spotlight, especially after a trip she took to Fernando de Noronha, where she allegedly stayed with actor Bruno Montaleone. After denying having exchanged kisses with the boy, she again stated categorically that she didn’t stay with anyone during her days off. The revelation took place in a conversation with followers on Tuesday night (11).

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“Did you catch someone in Noronha?”, asked an internet user. Mariana replied. “No! I was never one to go out kissing around. I have absolutely nothing against anyone who does it, but it’s my way, you know? Even to kiss someone, I feel that I need to have a relationship of affection, a lot of desire and harmony. My objective on this trip was different. And it was carried out successfully”, concluded the actress.

Mariana even responded with a succinct “No” to a question about being in a relationship at the moment.. Aware that these types of revelations increase engagement, Mariana took the opportunity to publish several videos of her work as a singer. In addition to the rumors with Bruno, the artist was also the subject of rumors of an affair with Neymar and Gusttavo Lima.


Another moment of Mariana’s trip to Fernando de Noronha that gave much to talk about it was the peck on João Guilherme. The kiss between the two was published by the actress herself, who had fun in the caption: “Oh, mom! Look how João Guilherme is at the dance!”.

In the conversation with the followers, she filled the ex-boyfriend of Jade Picon, quoted for the “BBB 22”, with praise: “João Guilherme is a grace! What a joy to meet such a young person, with a success as big as his heart . Feet on the ground, good head, full of plans and dreams! This boy will go far!“.

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