Amici’s Alex meets the fans under the editorial staff and suddenly looks like a “Gen Z TRL”: that’s how it went

FQ Magazine it was born 7 years ago from the will of the director Peter Gomez and from his desire to tell the world at 360 degrees. Thanks to FQMagazine we try, among other things, to speak to a young audience. Thus, yesterday afternoon we were very happy when we found a good number of young people under our Milanese editorial team. They were there (and stayed there for hours) waiting for their idol, Alex di Friendswho was arriving for an interview with me and Andrew Conti (a chat in which ‘our’ Alex successfully played the ‘I only talk if I feel like’ guest and my ‘partner’ and I enjoyed playing along). The appointment ended up in the trending topic on Twitter and the social networks have been “invaded” by this meeting between young people.

Now, for us who are an editorial team of “no longer young for a while“, to review TRL extension it was amazing (remember that?). And the comparison with boys and girls was also nice who with composure, education and obvious passion, patiently awaited the arrival of their favorite, while reading our FQMillennium. Because you know what the Done? That there is a certain selfishness in the choice to open ourselves more and more to the audience of generation Z. The selfishness of those who benefit from contact with a generation we like, who have will and ideas, strength and composure.

ps. The spin-off of the talk Scheduleto dedicated to young artists continues, and we can’t wait to “look out on the balcony” again. In the video there is the story of yesterday afternoon, November 22nd. And a piece of our editorial staff.

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