Amici 22, the Evening is underway: fifteen competitors competing for the final prize. Here’s who they are and all the curiosities

The curtain rises on the twenty-second edition of the Evening of “Friends of Maria De Filippi”, starting this evening and every Saturday in prime time on Canale 5, hosted by Maria De Filippi. Between dancers and singers are fifteen the competitors competing for the final victory. In particular there are 8 dancers and 7 singers thus divided into three teams. Angelina, Cricca and Ndg (singers), Maddalena, Samu and Megan (dancers) in the Team of Lorella Cuccarini and Emmanuel The. Aaron and Piccolo G (singers) with Ramon, Isobel and Gianmarco (dancers) are part of the team of Alessandra Celentano And Rudy Zerbi. Finally Wax and Federica (singers), Alessio and Mattia (dancers) are led by Arise And Raymond Todaro. The artistic cast is composed of 32 elements directed by Stephane Jarny, artistic director of the show for the third consecutive year.

To judge their performances a totally renewed jury composed by: Christian Malgioglior, Joseph Giofrè And Michele Well done. Guests of the first episode will be Pio and Amedeo, about to return to Canale 5 with “Felicissima Sera – All Inclusive”, in prime time from 24 March.

The music of Amici 22: from the compilation to Tiktok – There are 25 unpublished works published during the program for a total of over 31 million streams overall on the major platforms. Of the 18 songs released, 16 pieces are part of the official Amici22 compilation “Full Out”. On TikTok, all the videos containing the sound of the students’ songs achieved a total of 102.5 million views.

Bettors bet on Angelina – Angelina is the bookmakers’ favorite to win, as reported by MSC/Agipro. The daughter of Mango and Laura Valente, ex Matia Bazar, is at the top of the preferences, ahead of Wax. Third place on the blackboard for another singer, Giovanni Cricca. At the foot of the podium is Aaron, the same altitude for the dancer Isobel.

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