American journalist sues Donald Trump for rape

E Jean Carroll will arrive in court in 2019 for the earlier case she brought against the former president. © AP

E. Jean Carroll (78), an American journalist and columnist, has sued former President Donald Trump for rape, defamation and defamation. The facts she accuses Trump of date back to the mid-1990s, but a new law in New York state allows her to file a complaint for sexual assault cases that were previously considered time-barred.

The Adult Survivors Act is now in effect in New York State. E. Jean Carroll didn’t wait a day longer and seized that new legal opportunity to take Donald Trump to court.

According to Carroll, the former US president assaulted her in the mid-1990s in a New York department store locker room. Carroll had already sued Trump for defamation in 2019 because he had stated that he had never met Carroll and that she is also not his type. She would have completely made up her story to get publicity for her new book, Trump said in 2019.

That case is still pending because Trump, through his lawyers, argued that Trump then as president and for statements he made as a federal employee cannot be prosecuted for defamation.

“Not my type”

But along with her rape charge, Carroll is now filing a new suit for defamatory statements Trump made earlier this year. In October, Trump posted on his social medium Truth Social: “I don’t know this woman, I have no idea who she is. (…) She completely made up a story that I met her in a busy department store and that I would have made her swoon in minutes.” He further wrote that this story is a “hoax”, just like the many stories that have been told and written about him in recent years. “I know I shouldn’t write it, but I’ll do it anyway: that woman is not my type!”, he concluded his post.

Carroll is now asking the judge that Trump retract those defamatory statements and that she be awarded damages. “Carroll suffered psychologically from the rape. It has suffered permanent psychological damage and a loss of dignity,” the indictment said. “His recent defamatory statement has only added to that damage.”

The civil court in New York will soon rule on whether the cases from 2019 and the new indictment will be bundled.

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