Ambitious Capucine Anav: This crazy wish that she intends to achieve in a few years!

If in 2012, the public followed her through her numerous participations in reality televisions such as Angels or Secret Story, Capucine Anav has taken another path in recent years. From now on, the young woman of 30 years expresses all her talent on the boards! Until January 2022, it is on the bill of Switch, with Alexandre Pesle and Emmanuelle Boidron at the Edgar theater.

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If her actress CV grows a little more each year, the beautiful admitted that coming from the world of reality TV forces her to provide more efforts: “I come from reality TV, which is very frowned upon in France. So I redouble my efforts because I tell myself that I will be judged harder than the others”, she told our colleaguesParis here. The ex of Louis Sarkozy and Alain-Fabien Delon, who revealed in passing that she would no longer return to the environment that makes her known, spoke of her future ambitions: “What interests me is to live several lives in one. (In 20 years, editor’s note), I see myself with a Caesar”.

Anxiety attacks for almost 10 years

November 13 on Instagram, the one who dreams of being a mother spoke of the anxiety attacks she has had since leaving Secret Story. “Since my first TV 10 years ago I’ve had a kind of emotional shock. I needed too much of a presence with me. I think it must have happened to me 5 times in 10 years to really find myself. all alone! I have a real phobia of loneliness. I am a big girl, I am 30 years old I have to get used to sleeping alone “. “I have anxiety attacks when I’m all alone.” In the rest of her story, she goes further by saying: “I sometimes had such strong anxiety attacks that it happened to me to end up in the emergency room”. If this big problem is still present in her life, Capucine Anav tries as best as possible to solve it.

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