Ambikapur News: Villagers of Pando tribe had forcibly removed the forest land

Ambikapur (Naiduniya Representative). In Balrampur-Ramanujganj district’s village panchayat Baikunthpur, Vadrafnagar development block, the case of breaking the house of 21 pandos and another villager by forest staff has come to light. The people of the tribe have alleged that on Monday, 24 September, the forest department’s officers and employees had forcibly demolished the house built in the land occupied by the special backward tribe families, saying that it was unnecessary possession. Men and women of five Pando tribes were beaten up. It is alleged that the forest inspector and forest department employees were involved in the fight. It is being told that for one and a half to two decades these villagers were occupied in forest land and had been plowing. The lease of the said land was not available. These villagers have filled the form for the lease. The problem of living in front of the poor Pando families after the breakdown of their homes is coming in the way. It is alleged that this action was taken by the officers and employees of the Forest Department in a hurry. The belongings of the house were taken out by intimidation, those who protested, they became victims of assault. Later everyone’s house was demolished without giving a chance. These villagers could not contact anyone, so their mobile phone was also taken into possession. Villagers say that a rooster-goat was asked for by an employee of the forest department. When he did not give, his hut, house was ransacked and ruined.

The house of these 22 villagers was demolished-

The villagers whose houses have been demolished by the forest staff include 21 pandas and one Yadav family. The affected villagers include Ramvriksha Pando father Manbodh Pando, Jagdev Pando father Birjan Pando, Kaleshwar Pando father Ramnath Pando, Sahdev Pando father Birjan Pando, Harvansh Pando father Jawahir Pando, Ramsay Pando father Mangroo Pando, Rameshwar Pando father Moharlal Pando Tejram Pando father Ramdev Pando, Prem Kumar Pando Father Baldev Pando, Rampreet Pando Father Jawahir Pando, Surajdev Pando Father Ramdev Pando, Basdev Pando Father Jawahir Pando, Ramdhani Pando, Raghupati Pando, Raghuvanshi Pando Father Ramdev Pando, Ramlal Pando Father Ramdhani Pando, Devsharan Pando Father Ramsundar Pando, Mansingh Pando father Muneshwar Pando, Jageshwar Pando father Mohalal Pando, Jaynath Pando, father Rifle Pando, Devnarayan Pando father Ramautar Pando, Ramjanma Yadav father Ramswaroop Yadav are included. It is alleged that the forest staff also beat up the family members and relatives for not raising the voice of the Pando family. Dilbaso Pando father Surajdev Pando, Anita Pando husband Ramdhani Pando, Devmuni Pando husband Kaleshwar Pando, Jageshwar Pando father Mohar Lal Pando, Mansingh Pando, father Muneshwar Pando are being said to have been assaulted.

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