Amber Heard: Amber Heard plans reveal book about her marriage to Johnny Depp

Amber Heard continues to pull out all the stops after losing Johnny Depp defamation lawsuit. According to an insider, the actress plans to write a tell-all book.

The trial between Amber Heard, 36, and Johnny Depp, 58, has ended. The chapter of their marriage remains open. The actress is said to be considering writing a tell-all book, according to an insider. “She’s already in talks and looking forward to it,” the anonymous source told OK! Magazine.

Amber Heard ‘considers her career over’

Whether such a book leads to another defamation lawsuit or endangers the acting career of the 36-year-old should no longer play a role for Amber Heard. “Amber considers her career in Hollywood to be over. […] At this point, she has nothing left to lose and wants to tell everything,” the insider explains.

After the court ruling, which was pronounced on June 1, 2022, Amber Heard repeatedly emphasized how outraged she was by the decision. Heard’s legal team announced a little later that the 36-year-old wanted to appeal. “Of course I will stand by every word of my statement until the day I die,” the actress said in an NBC interview.

Heard has to pay Johnny Depp over $10 million

Amber Heard was sentenced by a jury to pay Depp $10.35 million on defamation charges. The actress has lost more than money, however. The ex-wife of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star suffered enormous image damage from the process. Social media in particular contributed to this.

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