Amazon Prime Video: the best movies under 90 minutes

the streaming service Amazon Prime Video It is currently second in terms of the number of subscribers worldwide, behind Netflix, who are going through a period of crisis after a severe drop in users. For this reason, Jeff Bezos’s company seeks to take advantage of the bad moment of the red N platform with its best tool: the large catalog of original and acquired series and movies. In this case, spoilers brings you a selection with a total of 9 feature films that you cannot miss, which have the characteristic of having a duration of less than 90 minutes. Play what you see here!

+9 Prime Video movies under 90 minutes

9- The Assistant

Year: 2019
Directed by: kittygreen
Protagonists: Julia Garner, Matthew Macfadyen, Makenzie Leigh
Plot: Jane is an aspiring film producer who lands her dream job as a junior assistant to a powerful entertainment mogul. But things soon take a dark turn when she finds herself subjected to workplace abuse.

8- The Blair Spark Plug Project

Year: 1999
Directed by: Eduardo Sanchez, Daniel Myrick
Protagonists: Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams, Joshua Leonard, Patricia DeCou
Plot: We follow three filmmakers as they tried to shoot a documentary in 1994 about a local legend: “The Blair Witch.” They were never heard from again and some time later the camera with which they filmed was found and where the terrifying events that took place during the disappearance were shown.

7- And where is the pilot?

Year: 1980
Directed by: Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker
Protagonists: Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Leslie Nielsen, Lloyd Bridges
Plot: During a flight from Los Angeles to Chicago, many of the crew of a commercial airliner, including the two pilots, fall seriously ill as a result of food poisoning.

6- Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Year: 1988
Directed by: Pedro Almodovar
Protagonists: Carmen Maura, Antonio Banderas, Julieta Serrano, Rossy de Palma
Plot: Pepa and Iván are dubbing actors. He is an inveterate womanizer and, after a long relationship, he breaks up with Pepa by leaving a message on her answering machine asking her to pack a suitcase for him with her things. Pepa, who can’t stand being alone, decides to rent the house.

5-Mid 90’s

Year: 2018
Directed by: Jonah Hill
Protagonists: Sunny Suljic, Katherine Waterston, Lucas Hedges
Plot: We meet Stevie, a 13-year-old boy living in 1990s Los Angeles. Stevie will have to deal with the problems of his age, a troubled home and his new group of friends from the skate shop.

4- Petite Mama

Year: 2021
Directed by: Celine Sciamma
Protagonists: Joséphine Sanz, Gabrielle Sanz, Margot Abascal
Plot: Nelly is 8 years old and has just lost her grandmother. As she helps her parents clear out the house her mother grew up in, she intriguedly explores the forest around her, where her mother used to play as a child. There Nelly meets another girl her age.

3- Cuernavaca

Year: 2017
Directed by: Alexander Andrade
Protagonists: Emilio Puente, Carmen Maura, Moises Arizmendi
Plot: Andy’s world changes completely when his mother has an accident. With no one to care for him, he is taken to Cuernavaca, to the house of his distant paternal grandmother. While his mother struggles between life and death, the boy will face his grandmother’s rejection, the seductive and dangerous world of the gardener’s son and the search for his father.

2- The Edge of the World

Year: 1937
Directed by: Michael Powell
Protagonists: Niall MacGinnis, John Laurie, Belle Chrystall
Plot: The inhabitants of the isolated Scottish Shetland Islands face bankruptcy and declining fishing grounds.

1- Bicycle Thief

Year: 1948
Directed by: Vittorio De Sica
Protagonists: Lamberto Maggiorani, Enzo Staiola, Lianella Carell
Plot: After the war, a humble man and his son search in Rome for the bicycle that was stolen from them since he needs to work.

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