Amazon, layoffs also in sight in Italy. In the US, the group is preparing to cut 10,000 jobs

As they emerge hypothesis of around 10,000 layoffs (1% of the workforce) in Amazon’s corporate structure, especially in the US, cuts are also expected in foreign branches, including the Italian one. The vice president of Amazon Italy and Spain confirmed this to Ansa Mariangela Marseille which uses the expression “staffing adjustments”. “After having made so many assumptions we are launching a general verification process also for the new economic context – explains Marseglia on the sidelines of the Anci assembly – which could lead” in the first months of 2023 “to adjustments, which in the case will not be indiscriminate”.

“We have no details to share regarding Italy,” Amazon sources later specified. “As part of the annual review process of our operating plan, we always review each of our activities and what changes we believe need to be made,” the company said. “Given the current macroeconomic environment, and considering the rapid growth in terms of hiring we have experienced for several years, some teams need a reorganization. This, in some cases, means that certain roles are sadly no longer needed. We don’t take these decisions lightly and we stand working to support all impacted employees.”

Amazon employs today in Italy 17 thousand peopleimpossible to know with what results since the group it does not disclose the profits made in individual countries. At group level, the first 9 months of the year closed with revenues up a 364 billion dollars (from 332 billion in the same period of 2021) but with a loss of 3 billion, against the 19 billion profits of 2021. Last week the CEO, Andy Jassy, announced in an internal company communication that layoffs will continue in 2023 as well. The announcement comes a few days after the news that the e-commerce giant is preparing to oust 10 thousand employees, in what could be the largest cut in the company’s history. “The economy remains in a difficult situation and we have been hiring rapidly in recent years,” Jassy stressed, without however specifying the size or timing of the new cuts. About ten days ago the group presented the “Sparrow” robots capable of detecting, sorting and managing millions of items in a warehouse, in what appears to be a company strategy to depend less and less on human workforce and reduce costs.

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