Amazing pink skies in Australia

Australia is full of natural curiosities, each more astonishing than the next, in terms of its biodiversitylike its severe weather phenomena and spectacular. But the residents of Mildura, in the state of Victoria, thought they were witnessing a supernatural phenomenon when they saw a fluorescent pink sky in the middle of the night. They then called the local police who went to the place of origin of these lightswhich ultimately came from the ground and not from the sky.

They then came across a secret factory producing… cannabis ! A place that is not illegal in Australia, where medical cannabis has been authorized since 2016. For security reasons, these factories are kept in secret and isolated areas. Pink or red lights are used in the middle of the night to booster growing cannabis crops, and that night the blackout shutters in the factory didn’t work. So the lights went breakaways » to then spread in the clouds. A literally hallucinating spectacle…

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