“Amaro Quirinale”, the podcast: news from the top of the Republic on the eve of the vote. Watch Millennium Live

After the Christmas break, the #MillenniuMLive appointment is back. With Alessandro Madron, with Salvatore Cannavò (deputy director of il Fatto Quotidiano) and Fabrizio d’Esposito (FQ MillenniuM) we will present the podcast “Amaro Quirinale”, available on FQ Extra.

On the eve of the election of the thirteenth President of the Republic, we tried to rewind the tape by telling in a podcast the stories of the most discussed among the tenants who have alternated at the Quirinale in three quarters of a century: four voices for four presidents: from Antonio Segni to Giorgio Napolitano, passing through Giovanni Leone and Francesco Cossiga.

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