Amandine Pellissard and her husband drugged without their knowledge in Spain, this terrible evening which ruined their romantic stay

Not long ago, Amandine Pellissard and her husband made the decision to leave their eight children in order to afford a romantic weekend in Barcelona. Under the Spanish sun, the two lovebirds were thrilled. But an unfortunate event came to darken the serene atmosphere of this romantic getaway.

In a live organized on Instagram, the famous matriarch of “Large families, life in XXL” confided in this misadventure. ” I would like to talk to you about something very important, if you are going on vacation there or for the weekend. Make a mistake! The first evening, we passed in front of an atmospheric café that looked super nice, right in the middle of las ramblas, and in fact we fell into a con trap. “.

“We felt super muddy”

Attracted by a tout, Alexandre and his wife succumbed to the festive atmosphere of the place. ” We are offered a mojito but we wanted something else and so we prepare our drinks. But what we found odd is that we don’t prepare our drinks at the bar. They prepared it behind the kitchen. Well, there were people, so we do not psychote. With Alex we drink our glass. And we weren’t even halfway that I felt there was something in it. Alex tells me he felt weird too. And in fact, they screwed us a thing in the glass, these crazy “said the mother of the family. ” We felt it right away. We felt very muddy, it was not normal”.

Amandine Pellissard also asked her fans to be on their guard. ” It’s a con catch because they don’t cash you right away. You take a drink, then another etc… At the end, after 3-4 glasses full of stuff, you end up completely broke and then they give you a bill of 2000 euros. It’s a trick to scam tourists “.


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