Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard: unable to hold back, the couple cracks in a TGV… they had always dreamed of it!

Smash the taboos… Since leaving the “Large Families: Life in XXL” program and embarking on the creation of adult content, Amandine Pellissard and her husband Alexandre have never been so transparent about to their intimate life!

The proof, in addition to regularly sharing X videos on their various paid platforms such as Mym or Swame, the couple regularly give interviews where they do not hesitate to discuss their sexuality when they are in front of the cameras… But also when these last ones are extinct!

Thus, during an interview granted to our colleagues from Purebreak on Tuesday March 14, 2023, the couple indulged in turn on their fantasies. ” In the train. And we did. We were delirious on a train, ”replied Alexandre while his other half was equipped with headphones so as not to hear her husband’s response.

For her part, if the mother of the family made it known that she and her half were particularly fond of role-playing games, the latter also referred to a part of the legs in the air in the train. “We have already made love in a TGV, in the intercar. But suddenly, it was in private that, it was not in filming “, indicated Amandine Pellissard before specifying that it was about a train direction Barcelona.

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“It softened him straight away”

After confiding in their antics and fantasies in private, the couple also confided in an anecdote concerning one of their shootings. “One time we started to settle in for a shoot, but she actually had her period… So that broke the delirium because the blood me…”, said Alexander. “It softened him directly”, added Amandine Pellissard. And to conclude with a touch of humour: “But you know, an old shaman said, ‘when the river is red you have to know how to take the muddy path” »


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