Amanda (31) risks prison for throwing her soup in the face of an employee: “She must face the consequences of her actions” (video)

These images have made millions of views on social networks. In a Mexican restaurant in Texas, a customer can be seen complaining to an employee that her soup is “too hot”. Suddenly, she takes the soup with both hands before throwing it in the employee’s face and running away.

Amanda Nicole Martinez, 31, was charged with assault causing bodily harm following the incident on November 7. Jannelle Broland, the employee sprayed with the soup, said she felt like she had “been sprayed with cayenne pepper”, before adding that it had burned her eyes and made her nose bleed, reports the American media.

Amanda Martinez was transported to the Bell County Jail and it appears she was banned from the restaurant. She is being held on $ 5,000 bail and, if found guilty, faces up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $ 4,000. For Jannelle Broland, although she felt in conflict with the idea of ​​”putting someone in prison”, she is happy to see that “she now has to face the consequences of her actions”, she said. -she said at the microphone of KCEN News.

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